Seke Ballard

MBA - Harvard Business School
BS - University of North Carolina

Seke is the founder and team cheerleader. Having worked in finance and tech, he recognized the opportunity to use both to solve one of the cannabis industry's most vexing problems, the low availability of financial services.

Nikolas Green

MS - Northwestern University
BS - University of Notre Dame

Nik is like a fortune teller, except he uses data instead of a crystal ball to predict likely outcomes. He has over 15 years’ in engineering data to solve complex problems across multiple industries, most recently assessing credit risk in the cannabis industry.

Alina Cowden

BA - University of California Los Angeles

From Kelloggs to Samsung, Alina has built a career creating and promoting megabrands. She tells the right stories to the right consumers at the right time. This skill set comes in handy when sharing our story with borrowers and investors, and ensuring our value proposition throughout their journey.

We promise to protect your investment

Our highest priority is capital preservation. When you entrust us with your money, it’s our responsibility to protect and grow your investment. That’s why we only lend to the best companies under strict contractual provisions designed to keep your investment safe

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Investors say

“Investing in Good Tree Capital has been one of the smartest decisions I have made in the past decade. I've gotten an excellent return while giving entrepreneurs the capital they need to build their dreams.”

Courtney Bass

San Francisco, CA

“It’s turned out to be a great investment with returns not seen in my other investments. Good Tree Capital’s management keeps all investors informed with quarterly reporting, which is terrific.”

Steve Morrison

Portland, OR

“Very easy process - clear, responsive owners, overall well managed. Great investment opportunity - strong returnsand limited risk.”

Jason Evers

Chicago, IL

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