How we help.

Our borrowers are licensed professionals who run successful cannabis companies. They can’t get bank loans and for those who successfully secure financing, the process is slow and costly. Good Tree Capital changes all of that. We offer small business loans where banks won’t. And our loan application was built to save our borrowers time and money, allowing them to put more resources into driving growth.

When borrowers grow, investors profit.

Meet our borrowers

California Valley Farmers

Yolo County, CA

“After weighing my options, I chose Good Tree Capital because, frankly, the people were so great. They took the time to explain everything to me, without all the runaround or doublespeak. Those are the types of people I like to work with.”

Alex Accardi


revenue growth

Developed an additional acre of outdoor grow capacity

La Bodega Dispensary

Denver, CO

“We talked to other investors a few years back and didn’t like what they presented to us. They offered a big chunk of money but wanted a bulk of the company. I'm not giving away 85%. We're trying to do this long term.”

Gabe Sandoval


revenue growth

Completed the buildout of a new 30k sq ft grow facility

Good Tree Delivery

Los Angeles County, CA

“Companies in the cannabis business can’t get loans from traditional banks, so our options for expanding our operations were limited. Because of Good Tree Capital, we had the ability to acquire a large commercial space. Now we can consolidate, streamline and grow our operations.”

Rashaan Everett


revenue growth

Purchased a new retail storefront
Developed a 25k sq ft manufacturing facility
Applied for 3 additional licenses

Borrower stats

$650,000 - $1,300,000



Profit margin






Loan size

36 Months

Loan term


Default rate

7.5 years

Years in business

Debt coverage ratio

8.6x - Borrowers typically have little-to-no debt on their balance sheets and can cover principal and interest payments with existing cash flow.


Loans are secured with assets made up of machinery & equipment, real estate, inventory and rights to their license.

Licenses held

Cultivation, manufacturing and retail licenses with operations in WA, OR, CA and CO

Use of funds

Expanding existing grow and retail capacity, increasing distribution footprint of a Colorado-based industry publication.

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